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System One - Utility Rig Service Body Truck Rack, ST-500, truck,storage,rack,tool,bost-500 System One - Utility Rig Service Body Truck Rack, ST-500, truck,storage,rack,tool,bost-500
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System One - Utility Rig Service Body Truck Rack ST-500
$544.00 Heavy Hauler Trailers and Truck Accessories

Product Weight: 70 LBS (Nominal)

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aluminum alloy components
all structural components of system one racks are made from 6000 series extruded aluminum alloy. aluminum is one third the weight of steel and provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio over steel. it is the material of choice for the majority of the transportation industry. wide profile extrusions are important. capacities are greatly increased with tall and wide cross sections. this is why system one racks are so strong. the fact that the rack is aluminum, and not steel, means that you get a lighter truck so more of the trucks available gvwr can be used for carrying cargo. the benefits of installing a high strength, rust-free ladder rack that delivers better gas mileage are undeniably clear.
stainless steel fasteners stainless steel fasteners
all fasteners used on system one equipment are made from 18-8 stainless steel. we spend a lot of extra money on these fasteners but we dont want to see any rust running down our racks no matter how old they are. galvanized fasteners can resist rust well for years but where the galvanized coating is broken by wrenches, lock washers or nuts run tight on their own threads, they start to rust. at that point theres no turning back. our fasteners are all in inch (not metric) sizes and many of our nuts have self locking nylon inserts.
utility trak utility trak
the utility trak mounts to the top surface of a service/utility body to provide a structural platform to mount the rack. the trak is about 3 wide at the bottom. there is a recessed 5/16 t-slot in the underside of the trak so that it can be mounted to the body using concealed fasteners to mount the trak. you simply slide the 5/16 carriage bolts into this t-slot, threaded portion facing down, like studs, and (as long as you have drilled the holes in your body all in the same line) you slide the bolts front or back to align with your holes, and then drop the trak on. silicone sealant on the bolt threads ensures a water tight seal. the utility trak has a 1 tall x thick flange that extends upward at 17.5, matching the angle of the racks legs. this flange or rib has 2 functions. first it gives structure to the entire length of the truck providing rigidity to anything that mounts to it, and second, it has 7/8 diameter holes punched every 12 on center for use as anchoring locatons for hooks, ropes, etc. utility traks come in 8, 9, and 11. for bodies lacking enough field area to mount utility traks, such as those with top opening compartments, a standard pick-up trak usually works. with the top-opening occupying the space where the utility trak would normally mount, the only space left to utilize is the inside corner and the small stationery ledge near the compartment hinge. this is a common configuration and the effect of mounting the traks in board from where they would normally be is that the crossmembers are accordingly narrower.all traks used for utility bodies, whether they are the utility trak, type a pick-up trak, or type b pick-up trak, have a concealed 5/16 t-slot in their upper surface to mount racks and other equipment.
legs legs
large profile legs mean rigidity. these legs measure 4-1/2 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches deep and this is a major part of why our racks are so sturdy. these legs lean inward at an angle of 17.5 so our rack follows the same angle as that of the cab of the truck. not only does it look better conforming to the trucks cab contour but loads are centered evenly over the vehicle for a more stable center of gravity. all legs have three t-slots recessed in them and, like all of our other t-slots they accept regular 5/16 carriage bolts that can be bought anywhere. two of these t-slots are on the outside face of the leg and are used to mount various accessories. the third t-slot is concealed inside the leg and is utilized for accessories, window guard mounts and for corner braces. two other recessed areas on the outside face of the leg are designed to accept our color inserts. these are high quality vinyl inserts and come in 66 different colors to match or accent your truck.
variable leg height variable leg height
since the distance between the top of a service/utility body and the roof of the truck varies, legs for service/utility bodies are ordered based on the height difference of the top of the body to the top of the cab roof. we stock legs in even number sizes starting from 12, so we will have the right size parts regardless of the differential in height of your truck. we generally cut the legs about 4 more than this body- to-roof dimension. this usually results in about 4 of space between the top of the trucks roof and the top of the crossmembers of the rack.
crossmembers crossmembers
crossmembers at the front and rear of the service/utility body area have the same profile as the legs. their 2-1/2 depth gives them a high load carrying capacity. crossmembers have three recessed t-slots two in the upper surface and one running down the center underneath. the t-slots in the upper surface are used for our ladder life anti-wear inserts and for our ladder glide low friction insert. they are also used to attach many accessories, such as ladder stops, ladder roller and clamp system and strobe/antenna mounts. the rear crossmember on contractor rigs is easily removed using the handles provided. access for tall items on our utility rig is easily accomplished by removing the entire rear truss. front cantilevered crossmembers have four t-slots , two on the upper surface and two on the lower surface and are also supplied with a ladder life insert. our mid-crossmembers are made of the same extrusion and are also supplied with a ladder life insert.
additional trusses additional trusses
many service (utility) body applications require a third (center) truss. this is often true with 9 bodies and especially with 11 bodies. a center truss significantly increases carrying capacity and can be bought with standard gussets, heavy i.t.s. gussets or heavy i.t.s. gussets with work winches.
extension beams extension beams
extension beams are supplied on contractor rig ladder racks to cantilever the front crossmember out over the cab of the truck. the cantilevered section of the rack allows transport of longer, more flexible cargo such as thin wall tubing, molding and siding. their height of 5- 1/2 is what provides the strength for the high weight carrying capacity out over the cab area. extension beams for service/utility body racks come in 138 (for 8body standard cabs), 147 (for 9 body standard cabs) 156 (for 8 and 9 body extended cabs) and 174 (for 11 bodies). there are two 1/4 recessed grooves in the beams that accept the provided colored vinyl inserts. these colored inserts, as well as the colored inserts provided for the legs, sit below the surface of the extrusion protecting them from scrapes and scratches. the horizontal mounting flange of the extension beams is one third of an inch in thickness and is where our mid-crossmembers are mounted as well as accessories such as the tall side stop and extension beam j hook.
gussets gussets
system one racks for pick-up trucks (both contractor rigs and utility rigs)are divided into 2 categories standard series and heavy (its) series. the gussets found in the upper corners are the only difference between standard and heavy (its) series racks. the standard gusset is concealed up inside the corner and provides the standard contractor rig with a 1000 lb load carrying capacity. the heavy gusset used in the heavy (its) rack has much thicker walls, is larger overall, has a 1250 lb capacity and, most importantly has 2 holes, or bores, incorporated into it that accepts the moving parts of our work winch. this combination of heavy gusset and work winch is known as the integrated tie down system. heavy (its) gussets are also fitted with a t-slot on the underside to accept our tool box hangers which are used when mounting top side or low side tool boxes.
work winch work winch
the work winch is the most universal and easiest to use tie-down system ever made and is an important reason why many contractors buy system one racks in the first place. with this one piece of equipment, all cargo tie down problems and challenges are solved. all the searching for and untangling of ropes and bungees is solved. safety issues are solved. the work winch with its operating handle is always right there and ready for use -- just lift the pawl and pull out as much strap as you need. throw the hook end of the strap over the load and hook it to the under side of the crossmember. take up the slack with the hand wheel and tighten with the handle. constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel with a pvc bearing, it is the only rust-free tie-down system made and has a nearly unlimited lifespan. this is not a bolted-on aftermarket accessory, but an integral part of a system one i.t.s. series ladder rack.
truss mounts truss mounts
the truss mount serves as the transition, or mounting block, for the legs to the trak. on the utility trak or pick-up trak, the truss mounts fasten to the t-slot in the upper flat surface and can be mounted anywhere along the trak. usually they would be mounted at the extreme ends. a 5 long, 3/8 diameter stainless steel carriage bolt runs through one leg wall, through the truss mount and out the other side of the leg. a 3/8 stainless steel nylon lock nut is screwed down on the bolt pinching the truss mount within the leg. the hole through the truss mount is oblong, allowing the bolt and leg to move inward or outward for adjustability.
color inserts color inserts
color inserts are available with all racks to match or accent your vehicle or company colors. there are 66 different colors available. you can select a color in one of three ways. if you provide the color code of your truck when you order, we can find the closest match from among the available colors and include it with your order. the colors can be installed after the rack is built so, if you would prefer to make the selection yourself, we will include a chart of the actual colors with a certificate to return your selection in the enclosed envelope. finally, a third method is to select from our online color samples but be aware that color monitors often dont represent colors accurately. the color inserts are made of high quality 2 mil vinyl from avery graphics and rated extremely high in uv resistance.
adjustable handles adjustable handles
adjustable handles, used on rear crossmembers of contractor rigs spin on just like a nut would. when tight, you disengage the handle by pulling outward slightly, rotate the handle to the desired position and then let it snap back in. there are 12 engagement positions in 360.
ladder glide inserts ladder glide inserts
the ladder glide insert is extruded from pvc and it is installed on the rear t-slot of the rear crossmember. it protrudes upward about a quarter of an inch and then wraps around the rear upper edge of the crossmember. it is a simple, effective solution to 2 problems. first, it allows ladders and other long items to literally glide onto the rack. ladders feel like theyre on rollers while sliding against the pvc. second, the ladder glide insert isolates ladders and other cargo from the rack, protecting them from wear. they are extremely durable and since the introduction of the ladder glide insert in 1998, we have had no calls to replace worn out inserts.
ladder life inserts ladder life inserts
ladder life inserts are definitely the kindest thing to ever happen to ladders. ladders and other equipment rest on high durometer epdm rubber inserts instead of riding on the bare metal crossmembers that other racks offer. ladders, both aluminum and fiberglass, need to be carried gently for both longevity and safety reasons. a ladder with rails worn thin by constant vibration and abrasion against crossmembers is a serious liability. additionally, they just plain cost to much to allow them to wear out while in transport. neither steel nor aluminum are good materials to transport ladders on and round tubing or pipe crossmembers are the worst offenders due to their small contact (high pressure) area. we know about this stuff (click here).

these simple, rubber inserts (about the same feel as a tire) eliminate ladder wear and they, like our ladder glide insert, seem to last forever as we have sold practically no replacements in 10 years.another huge plus is the reduction in noise!
top opening compartments top opening compartments
for bodies lacking enough field area to mount utility traks, such as those with top opening compartments, a standard pick-up trak usually works. with the top-opening occupying the space where the utility trak would normally mount, the only space left to utilize is the small stationery ledge on the inside corner near the compartment hinge. this is a common configuration and the only effect of mounting the traks in-board from where they would normally be is that the crossmembers are accordingly narrower.all traks use for utility bodies, whether they are the utility trak, type a pick-up trak, or type b pick-up trak, have a concealed 5/16 t-slot in their upper surface to mount racks and other equipment.

This Product Fits these Vehicles:

Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra
Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon
Ford Ranger
Ford F-150
Ford E-Series
Ford Super Duty
Dodge/Ram 1500
Dodge/Ram 2500
Dodge/Ram 3500
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tundra

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